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Jaina Proudmoore

Fanart of Jaina Proudmore from World of Warcraft. This was a lot of fun, and it felt good to do some serious sculpting for the first time in ages. I've never actually done something like this before. Taking an already designed character and creating it in 3d. I love her design, I also main Jaina in Heroes of the Storm sooo she seemed like a good choice.

This took about 20 hours to sculpt from start to finish over 4 days, and then another few hours rendering everything out and trying to figure out how to use Marmoset. I was going to include a Marmoset viewer, but the file was 500mb. The model is all super high poly (24 million) and crazy messy. I _might_ clean it up yet and try to get it small enough to upload.

Crits welcome!

Dylan meville 1
Dylan meville zbcomp2
Dylan meville zbcomp1
Dylan meville zbcomp3
Dylan meville closeup1
Dylan meville t1
Dylan meville t2
Dylan meville m3
Dylan meville m2

Trying to figure out Marmoset

Dylan meville m1

Marmoset #2

Marmoset/Zbrush Turntables

Note: I quickly remeshed the model to fit under 15mb (the original was 500mb!) Most meshes are pretty messy now.